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for North Dakota Senate

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Kyle is Invested in North Dakota

Kyle's dedication to fostering community in Grand Forks runs deep. As a small business owner, he intimately understands the sacrifices and perseverance required to build something meaningful from the ground up. It's one of the many reasons he loves living in North Dakota.

Over the past decade, Kyle has been a catalyst for connection, leveraging his small coffee business to forge partnerships with local organizations and bridge the gap between UND students and the wider community. His impactful initiatives,  including serving on CVIC's board to combat community violence, hosting Grand Forks Pride, and contributing as a board member at Christus Rex Lutheran Campus Ministry, underscore his unwavering commitment to community betterment.

As we rally together to secure this ND Senate seat in 2024, Kyle's unwavering commitment to community, inclusivity, and progress inspires us all to cast our votes in support of a brighter, more equitable future.

Priorities & Community Concerns

I'm running for State Senate and asking for your vote.  For me, politics is about creating a stronger community and solving problems for people.  I will work for you to improve the lives of North Dakotans - fighting for the quality education all children deserve, the affordable healthcare we all need, and a diverse economy that makes us strong.

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Business Meeting
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Health Care

Healthy People, Strong Community

Let's face it:  today's world is proving that healthcare policy isn't just an urgent need, it is a national security concern.  We have to partner together with experts to build a system that ensures access to care when it is needed.  We need to work with businesses to create policy that helps cover workers insurance and paid leave needs without ruining the bottom line.  This is one issue where we have to drop the partisan rhetoric and figure out how to create a solution that works for everyone.

Small Business Growth

Business is our lifeblood

As a small business owner, Kyle knows how important it is for the state to invest in building infrastructure that supports the economy.  We should invest in technology that reduces the effort to run a business in North Dakota like improving the tax reporting website or laying the groundwork for gigabit internet access.  We should be creating opportunities that increase density and promotes small business growth, not just big corporations.


From Pre-K to Higher Education

North Dakota has a world class public education system and we need to continue investing in our children's future.  Ensuring all families have access not only Prekindergarten and Higher education opportunities, but also providing educational opportunities for other careers.  We should be investing in courses to teach coding, robotics, and other tech-industry needs to keep up in this fast-paced world.

Kyle Thorson for District 18
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